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in a snap!

An easy step-by-step online class to help savvy business owners create the words, images and layout before you even try to tackle the techy stuff!


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Visual Website Planner - Shoot for Web Design

Visual Website Planner

The Visual Website Planner is a step-by-step visual layout to help you easily create your website content, get found online and grow your business.

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Master Your Website Content - Shoot for Web Design

Master Your Website Content

An easy step-by-step online class to create the words, images and layout for savvy entrepreneurs to create a website that will grow your business.

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It’s freakin' hard to come up with the words,
images and layout for your website.

Are you ...

Finally! A course that will help you "fill in the blanks" and get started in creating engaging words & imagery, IN A SNAP.

Our online course will help you master the step-by-step process of website content creation before you even start to tackle the techy part of creating your site.

Whether you’re a small business owner or website designer, our Master Your Website Content course will help you plan website photos and write words like nobody’s business!

Once you have completed the course and have all your final content in your Website Blueprint document, simply copy the language and upload the images to your new website template or hand off to your website designer.

Finally! A course that will get your website done in a snap so you can stop spinning your wheels and focus on your customers and do what you love.


One of the biggest delays in launching or updating a website is struggling to come up with the words and images?

Imagine you just picked out a brand new website template or hired a designer to create your website - it's awesome and is exactly what you were looking for.

Now, it's time to make it yours!

But how? The template words and images are not the same as your own business and you need to make this template your own.

You are frustrated trying to find your own words, your own images and can’t see how your business fits into this beautiful template.


Master Your Website Content


Everything you need to easily get your website online quick!


By the end of this course you will . . .

How much does it cost?

• one-time price
• no subscriptions
• no recurring fees

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Inside our Private Facebook Group we will be doing coaching lives, answering questions and you will be in a community with other amazing entrepreneurs to give feedback on all your content!

Step-by-Step Guidance

Step-by-step videos, workbook, templates and online examples to help you quickly get online.

Private Facebook Group

A private group for course members only where you can connect, share your ideas and get feedback.

Final Website Blueprint

A final document with all  your words, images and layouts in one easy to reference document.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The "Master Your Website Content" course is always available with lifetime access to the course!

Meet Your Hosts: Ling & Michelle

Shoot for Web Design - Ling & Michelle

Meet Ling and Michelle, both business-savvy friends who frequently connect over coffee, dogs, and good wine.

Michelle is a branding-obsessed graphic designer & website designer who first met Ling at a local business networking event. Ling is a professional photographer who loves to rock out commercial lifestyle photography, and also manages a wedding photography team.

Michelle and Ling can’t wait to share all the fun, practical steps through Shoot for Web Design to grow your business.

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Hear from our fans!

Jillian & Ryan, MA Muddy Brook Builders

The Master Your Website Content made it easy, taking us through step by step. Each section of the course reflected a different part of the website. Examples of the section on a website were shown, instructions and prompts to help me create our own content. It was easy and just the guidance we needed to feel confident about our own site content.

We are so grateful for Master Your Website Content!

Kendra, CT Graphic Designer

The pandemic has forced me to sit down and reevaluate my business. Luckily, I reached out to Ling and she reminded me of how important my website is! The Master Your Website Content formula for an impactful website was not only beneficial, but easy to follow!

I am a professional graphic designer, I of coarse need my website to be visually pleasing. However, I struggled with filling my website with appropriate verbiage and written content. With Ling's help I was able to put out an impactful website that best reflects my business.

Marci P., CA Marketer

I had an existing website that was just a long scroll of words and completely unorganized. I had traffic but my visitors were not easily finding the information they were looking for.

After going through the "Master Your Website Content" course with Michelle, my website is not only beautiful, but now my visitors can easily find the information they need!

    Enroll today for an amazing website in 2021!

    SFWD - Master Your Website Content

    An easy step-by-step online class to create the words, images and layout for savvy entrepreneurs to create a website that will grow your business.